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Dam safety regulations differ from state to state but all have strict requirements governing safety and inspections.
Reeves Group will advise you through the process to ensure your asset remains compliant and most importantly safe.

Whether a ‘Declared Dam’ (NSW), ‘Large Dam’ (VIC), ‘Referrable Dam’ (QLD) or other state definition, our Reeves Group specialists will ensure that your dam complies with all regulations including the creation and ongoing maintenance of documents and systems, including:

  • Dam Safety Management System (DSMS)
  • Dam Operations and Maintenance Plan (O&MP)
  • Dam Safety Emergency Plan / Emergency Action Plan (DSEP / EAP)
  • Dam Safety Management System Manual
  • Liaising with local emergency services (LEMOs, Police, SES) for the development and reviews of DSEP
  • Facilitate and lead both desktop and practical emergency exercises

What is a DSMS?

Dam Safety

As the name suggests, a DSMS is a system (or framework) of processes, people and technology needed to manage the declared dam.

It should then be documented to summarise the activities within the DSMS.

The DSMS is aligned to the requirements of an asset management system described within ISO 55001:2014.

It includes a number of key asset management functions that incorporates the O&MP and DSEP / EAP as well as numerous supporting documents and data needed to make decisions for the dam.

What We Offer

Dam Safety

Reeves Group is able to provide a range of specialised dam safety service and support including, but not limited to:

  • Assembling and updating your DSMS
  • Developing dam operation and maintenance documentation
  • Developing DSEP/EAP documentation
  • Developing and coordinating both ‘desktop’ and ‘practical’ dam safety exercises as required by state regulators
  • Creating dam management document registers
  • Liaising across various parts of the dam owner’s business to assemble the requirements
  • Assisting owners understand all ‘time bound’ reporting requirements by state regulatory bodies

Why Reeves Group?

Dam Safety

Reeves Group present an unrivalled combination of certified expertise and industry experience all under one roof.

We have extensive experience in developing and assessing asset management systems (frameworks) aligned to ISO 55001. The development of your DSMS is based on ISO 55001:2014 (asset management system requirements) and combines technical (engineering) elements with management system methodology and structure.

We have developed a number of asset management frameworks across various sectors and are experienced in developing the required DSMS, DSEP / EAP and O&MPs.

We are internationally recognised Certified Asset Management Assessors (CAMA), and Certified Asset Management Professionals (CAAM and CPAM.)

We work closely with our technical specialist partners for dam surveys and surveillance reporting requirements.

Our team members have significant experience in emergency services coordination and management including with QLD Fire & Emergency Service (QFES) and State Emergency Service QLD (QLD SES.)

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