Implementation of ISO 55001

While the obligations of ISO55001:2014 (Asset Management System Requirements) are the same for every organisation, the approaches used to implement an effective Asset Management System (AMS) are not. All organisations have unique characteristics, dependant on, for example, size, industry, activity and leadership. The maturity of the organisation is one such characteristic.

Reeves Group wrote this paper for AMPEAK conference in 2017 from our work leading the project for our customer at the time. In the paper, we outline the approach used to develop and implement a new AMS in an organisation that has had an asset management framework in one shape or another since the 1880s. The AMS was developed, implemented and achieved certification in June 2018.

Critical aspects of this approach included integrated and targeted, organisation-wide communication, training and change management. Addressing the needs of the project from a risk perspective is also a key element. A true culture of integration is demonstrated when all people within an organisation see the system, and all of its interrelated processes as one unit.

The paper was also published in the Asset Management Journal in March 2018. We hope this may be of use. Feel free to contact us for further information or help along your own journey.

Article published in the Asset Management Journal “Implementing an Asset Management System in a mature workplace culture”

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